Travel and Actionable Ads: A Match Made in Heaven

Over the years, something has been evident. 

Travel-centered Actionable Ad (AA) campaigns stand out within the competitive landscape and yield strong results.

Brands including MSC Cruises, easyJet, Chessington World of Adventures, Travel Texas, Warner Hotels, and On the Beach Holidays have demonstrated the positive correlation between actionable ads and travel campaigns.

As humans, we are always driven to book a holiday and get transported away from normality. This desire directly plays into the strengths of travel-centric actionable ads. 

The ideal seamless experience that advertisers wish to create comes to life with Actionable Advertising. 

Reasons why Actionable Ads are ground-breaking for travel marketers:

  • Travel is all about experiences and Actionable Ads bring them to life with immersive soundscapes and video visuals that create a sense of urgency
  • Taking action is easy as users simply need to say “Alexa, Open [Brand Name]. The user journey is streamlined and friction is cut down as users no longer need to scramble around to try and type in a URL or complete a Google search
  • Actionable Ads stand out in a competitive market. Contextually relevant ad creative that ends with the invocation “Alexa, Open [Brand Name]”  prevents ads from getting lost within generic messaging whilst tapping into the 23% increase in brain response during interactive ads (Neuroinsight study, 2022).
  • Live data and tracking are available from the moment the campaign has launched, unlike traditional campaigns. 
  • Expert recommendations and optimisation can be applied whilst the campaign is live, allowing your media spend to work harder.

Key Benefits of Actionable Ads for Travel Marketers:

  • Develop an emotional connection. Immerse users in a travel experience that enables them to forge a deeper bond with your brand
  • Action can take place seamlessly. Bookings can be done simply with links sent directly to phones, reminders can be set directly to Alexa and purchases can be made straight from the Amazon store.
  • Gain a competitive edge. Ensure your creative stands out within a saturated market through an innovative ad format.
  • Optimise campaigns based on data. Track the performance of your campaign in real time and use our expert recommendations to optimise your campaign & yield better results

Nothing left to say

Ultimately, Actionable Ads and travel campaigns work well together. 

Advertisers & brands have an opportunity to stand out against their competitors using an innovative method whilst creating an emotional connection with users as they bring travel experiences to life.

Users can easily complete a call to action and they receive the necessary information instantly. This places them in a position where they are more likely to take action straight away.

It’s a winning partnership that can make travel dreams and experiences a reality!

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